08 April 2011 @ 12:00 pm

This is a "Withdrawal" episode quote (mini) pic spam. Since these are only 5 caps in a total. This is also a first time. I`ve never done aynthing like this before.

But, what I have done, is done with love n`heart


quote caps )

for me, White Collar isn`t about the huge *bam n`slap it right in your face*, not about the huge emotional breakdown we get around to watch (sometimes) in other shows. It`s about the little things. Of course Neal is affected by everything that has happened end of season 1. Of course his friends know he`s suffering because of this. But I don`t see him as someone who`s going to breakdown infront of anyone. Not yet anyway.

For me, these two scenes, which I combined in this entry either by pictures or qoute mixed with pics, are what give away how much he`s suffering.

All of this is what makes show special for me, why I just had to do it.