07 May 2011 @ 03:20 pm

These are some misc. NCIS graphics (wallpaper & animations), some I`ve uploaded `n posted already, some I`ve only uploaded but never got around to post. Now, all are online & posted ;D

wallpaper 1024x768

Tony & Hoodie = L.O.V.E

These 2 anis I`ve wanted to post since the episode aired, but I only managed to finish 1 ani, until today. This scene, cracked me up. So I guess it`s save to say: the episode title fits more than well ;D

8.6 "Cracked"

size 250x141 & 160x90

Under the cut you`ll find 3 more NCIS sidebar animations, different episodes and seasons


27 April 2011 @ 01:37 pm

These are some sidebar animations (size 250x141 & 160x90) from NCIS 8.23 "Swan Song"


this ani is a mix of scenes from 8.23 "Swan Song" and 5.7 "Requiem"

More can be found here:

08 April 2011 @ 04:01 pm

*whumping day* ... *is it christmas already?

I`ve done several "let`s be mean" (not only with Dean, but everyone, for a change) sidebar animations.

And the *lucky* winner have been:

- NCIS: Tony DiNozzo
- Stargate SG-1 Cameron Mitchell & Daniel Jackson
- Supernatural: Dean Winchester
- White Collar: Neal Caffrey
- Hawaii Five-O: Steve McGarrett

IMAGE HEAVY ! (you have been warned, don`t complain if you decide to click)

boyyyys, bloody, being tossed around, beaten, and shot at ... yummy ... *whimpers*


08 April 2011 @ 02:55 pm

why? this is why


I`m sure those who know me are going to *headesk*, those who don`t know me:

NCIS is L.O.V.E. !!! and a huge addiction of mine. I`m watching it since the beginning, and can`t imagine life without it anymore. It`s a family show for us, all are watching it, again and again. The DVD`s are a *must have* as soon as they`ve been released

anyway, this is my first NCIS episode animation entry. Some are with text, some are without, and the lucky winner has been:

SEASON 2 EPISODE 20 "Red Cell"

size is 250x141 & 160x90

48 animation in a total (24 for each size) = DIAL-UP KILLER !!!