27 April 2011 @ 12:55 pm

These are a few wallpaper I`ve done recently (+ one that has been posted sometime ago already), five in a total, 2 for H5-O and 3 for Supernatural.





26 April 2011 @ 09:09 pm

Results for challenge 16 "Splash of Color" at spn_walls@livejournal

Since the results are up, I`m able to post what I`ve sent into the challenge. I`ve done two wallpaper, it took me forever and then some to get these done.

It`s been only the 2nd time I`ve entered a wallpaper into a challenge at spn_walls@livejournal, I just couldn`t resist the theme. I love black/white, although it`s a pain in the a** to make them look at least half decent.

*click on the preview for the original size"

challenge16 preview

challenege16 preview

I did say results are up, didn`t I? yes!

the only thing I can say is:




This is my 2nd, and last, entry for the 2010 Supernatural BigBang. This time it is for "Over the Hills and far away" by hansons_angel@livejournal. "Over the Hills and far away" has been my first claim for the BB, but it goes online last.

Why did I pick this fiction? well, as you can see, when you check the name of the community, this title has a special meaning to me. To say it would not have been the reason why I choose to give this fiction a closer look, this would be a lie. At the end I call myself lucky I took it, not only because of the title.

"Over the Hills and far away" was able to move me on many levels. Because of personal reasons, reasons which I`m not going to get into. After, and while, reading I was a crying mess. The video tore me into pieces while working on it. Although this was one of the hardest pieces of art I`ve ever worked on, I won`t say it is a bad thing. Sometimes one just has to face the fears. While working on the art for "Over the Hills and far away" I was able to face some of my demons, this was a step foreward for me.

For this years BigBang I, somehow, managed to pick up AU and death fics left and right. And although "There`s a part of me in you" moved me already, this fiction did so even more. It is closer to reality, I think this is the reason why. This year was a challenge, for sure. I`ve tried my best to picture it, with the graphics and the video. Picture some of the emotions, picture my feelings.

I want to say THANK YOU to hansons_angel for writing such an awesome piece of fanfiction!


Title: "Over the Hills and far away" by hansons_angel

Summary: This isn’t a story about the Apocalypse. It’s not even really a story about demon hunting and the supernatural, though all these things are featured. It’s an AU story about the deep bond that brothers have, and the lengths they’ll go to for each other, beginning when Sam and Dean Winchester are children, and Sam needs a kidney transplant. It’s not about one brother over the other, but the idea that, without one brother there isn’t the other. It’s an exploration of sacrifice and unconditional love, the study of what family can mean -- what it should mean. It’s about love and despair, fear and grief, anger and heroism and ultimately -- hope.

LINK: Entry has been deleted

The rest of the art, and the video link, can be found here:


08 April 2011 @ 12:02 pm


So, this is it. My 1st SPN BigBang 2010 entry.

to say this *it* of an entry went down without a fight, this would be a lie. But at the end I had the upper hand, and beat *it* into doing as I want. I was supported by my fellow lemming [personal profile] aruna7, who did a lot of cheerleading when it comes with the video.

Thank you!

This entry is done for "There's a Part of Me in You", written by [profile] adarkreflection. This story was an awesome read, from start to finish. It kinda reminded me of 5.4 "The End" at times, which is by far my favorite episode out of all SPN.

And I hope you all`ll give it a try.

More info, the story, and the graphics (aso), can be found here: