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comm update: misc. graphics

Comm Update = Graphics

These are animations for "The Vampire Diaries", episode 4.3 "The Rager" & 4.4 "The Five"

Focused on Damon and Elena


Animation Size: 250x141 & 160x90


The enry can be found here @OverTheHills


Dark Angel Icons (Alec)


The enry can be found here @OverTheHills


I have three more entries (almost) ready to be posted (for Justified, NCIS, Stargate SG-1 and Farscape). I`m not sure if these entries are done, or still a WIP.

And I have some SPN icons and banner, but the icons are done for a challenge. I need to wait for the latest results to be posted. Once they announced the winner, I`m able to post my graphics.

I wanted to hit the big 100 at OverTheHills this year. But it seems me, being sick since last week, ruined the plan, damn