13 March 2012 @ 03:39 pm
Video NCIS: "Don`t Stop Me Now" prt.2 / 2  

One half of my "svala`s vidding ALL of NCIS, episode 1 - 200" monster of a vid project is done.


Program used: Corel Videostudio Pro X3

Title: "Don`t Stop me Now" by Queen
File: 29+ MB WMV
Lenght: 3.50 min.
Categorie: humor, ensemble, overview
Character: All

SPOILER: ALL of NCIS, episode 4.1 - 9.14

vid notes: the fun of NCIS

The title is program. "Don`t Stop Me Now" ... GO SHOW ... *cheers you*

More info, and the download/streaming link, can be found here