07 April 2020 @ 03:40 pm

Who`s that girl?

I`m svala
I`m a multifandom (tv show) fangirl

Most of the entries at this journal are public, most of the time I talk *fandom*, this includes a lot of talk about what I do myself (graphics, vids, aso)

Personal entries are locked.

I don`t rant about RL (much), most of what I do, or write, is surposed to be fun.

I don`t talk about the personal life of any actor&actress

I`m a vidder (using a different name). My Videos can be found here:

I`m a graphic maker (most of the time animations & wallpaper). My graphics can be found here:

Sometimes I try my luck with a pen, paper, acrylic paint, a canvas aso. The results can be found here:

If you like what you see, feel free to add me, or any of my comms. Most of all, have fun. That`s what it`s about, fun. I respect you and your ideas, as long as you resepct me and my ideas, simple as that.

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