06 November 2013 @ 02:25 pm
I`m on a roll, hell yeah *is happy*

Awards are up for rd.10 at wicked_awards

 photo judgeschoicekjsvalapngoriginal_zpsfcef8cb9.png

This Is My Time ... click

 photo judgeschoicekjsvala2pngoriginal_zpsf42aeebe.png

Wish I Had An Angel ... click

 photo r10kj_svalabusybeingfabulouswinnerpngoriginal_zps9a6700d3.png

banner ... click

WOW, Thank you !!!


aaaaand, the TSCC video It`s My Life managed to bag some more at rd.4 at Holiday From Real Awards

It seems this vid is, slowly but surely, making its way towards the top on my very own, personal, *most successful vids ever* list, although it`s barely been watched or downloaded.

anyway ... :D ...  photo k010.gif

ohhh, yes, on top of that: my 2013 NCIS BigBang graphics hit the ground, running, at least on AO3 they did, what is happening? ... O.O

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