19 October 2013 @ 04:10 pm

This is the first time I`ve signed up for Festivds, I`m not sure, 100%, what to write.

But, I`ll give it a try.

First of all: Thank you for making a video for me!!!

It really is something special, and I`m sure I`m going to love it, no matter the source, theme, or music used!

These are some (random) thoughts about my requested fandoms, but really, these are only thoughts. I`ll be happy with everything you come up with.


Constantine I adore the movie, it´s on my *must watch again and again* list. Anything for it would be more than awesome!

The Lost Boys (1987) The same that`s been said about Constantine can be said about this movie. I love it, did love it since it´s been released. It`s an all time favorite movie of mine. Anything for it would be more than awesome!


Band of Brothers Band of Brothers is an all time favorite of mine. I love the story, I love all character. An overview video that includes everyone, and everything, would be awesome.

Californication Hank is my favorite character. I`d love to see a character vid for him. Funny or serious, it doesn`t matter. As long as it`s Hank in all his glory :D

Continuum I`d love to see a vid that`s focused on Kiera Cameron. But an overview vid would be awesome, too.

Friday Night Lights oh my, anything FNL would be made of win!

Under the Dome Barbie is my favorite character. I`d love to see a vid focused on him, and everything he has to go through. But at the end, I like all character. So an overview vid, or a vid focused on any other character would be great.

I don`t have a prefered type of music. Although I prefer to vid drama, action and overview myself, I watch pretty much anything done by others. So I don`t care what music you use, or what theme, character, whatever, you decide to do. I`m okay with everything.

And I`m sure I`ll love it! Thank you!

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