21 August 2013 @ 11:44 pm

Come and join us at
[profile] supergifs!

(at livejournal)

Do you have a favorite gif that you want everyone to see?

Do you have something that you`ve done yourself?

Do you have animation/gif tutorials that you want to share, or rec?

Do you want to have an animation of a certain scene, but didnĀ“t find any so far?

Do you want to know how to get an ani done yourself?

Do you have, or want to know, something, anything, animation/gif related? As long as it`s gif/ Supernatural, this is the place to go.

co-modded by yours truely (you know how much I just love the little moving graphics, so how could I say no to something like this) [personal profile] stir_of_echoes and [personal profile] ash48, she`s the creator of the comm.

(THANK YOU ash, looks like this could be my new happy place :D)

We already have some posts, but we could need, want to have, a lot more

come and join the fun!

(this is an unofficial opening of the comm, the official posting/pimping across livejournal is soon going to be done by [personal profile] ash48)

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