08 January 2013 @ 10:34 pm
Justified season 4 trailer `n stuff  

Shooooow, I has missed you!

This is a season 4 trailer, I can`t wait to see the first episode, and the rest of season 4. I`m sure it`ll be awesome.

If you have an hour of spare time, listen to this podcast, it`s hilarious, and interesting (not to mention the fact that I could listen to Timothy talk all day long, each day, week, month, year, nope, not gonna mention this ... *happy sigh*

Nerdist Podcast with Timothy Olyphant: http://www.nerdist.com/2013/01/nerdist-podcast-timothy-olyphant/

And, I has posted *is celebrating Justified* entry: icons and one animation


The entry can be found here: CLICK CLICK